Производство и продажа волос для наращивания

Dear colleagues!

AngeloHair company holds the leading position in hair extension and creating luxurious hairstyles Exceptional quality of work, using only natural materials, developing and improving techniques of hair extensions have made our products widely popular not only in Russia, but also abroad. Creative and highly professional team and our own manufacturing facilities allow us to make indeed unique products. We are pleased to offer you favorable terms of collaboration and help with organizing of effective functioning in your region. We are looking forward to mutually beneficial relationships with you!

AngeloHair pays particular attention to the quality of using materials. To produce our hair extensions, we choose only Remy hair originated from Russia, CIS and Central Asia. Selected hair are being classified according to Slavic or Southern Russian premium and luxury types. Our hair has a multi-stage processing. Handwork and professional equipment allow to create unique high-quality products.

Selected hair falls under dyeing. Due to applying contemporary technologies, we can preserve natural hair characteristics not damaging the cuticle. All of our products have no need of being treated with silicone.


волосы для наращивания

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