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Tape in Hair extension № 1B

Express hair (with tapes)

At all times women try to look attractive and well-groomed. The most crowning glory of every woman is healthy, long and gorgeous hair. That’s why Russian people say: «A long braid is a girl’s beauty». But what do we have to do if we haven’t got a chic one all the way down to the waist? There is a way for us to fix it easy! We just have to buy some hair for hair extension and schedule an appointment for a procedure. The special technology «Express hair», using tapes in extension, is no panacea for sparse hair, of course. However, it is a real way to get your hair done more voluminous and longer. Please come to our beauty-salon in Moscow or make the order in our online shop some locks made of natural hair at affordable prices!


In the hair extensions it’s very important to select qualitative materials. The base of them is hair, which must be natural and beautiful. Also, they ought to have a good tight structure and stable fixing. We offer you a large selection of items from top quality natural materials at affordable prices. The tape locks for hair extensions in our catalogue are presented in the number of 21 shades. The darkest color is 1B (Black), which suits for passionate and fatal women, and the lightest one is 20(Very light ultra-blonde), for romantic and gentle girls. In our assortment we provide natural hair for hair extension on the tapes which is the hair of Slavic, Southern-Russian and European types. The length of the hair varies from 30 to 70sm. So, it won’t be a problem to choose a relevant length and a shade. In every package there are 20 tapes. Before the purchase you should find out of your hair-dresser, how much will volume and length of your hairstyle be added. Our prices and assortment will pleasantly surprise you!

Why Angelohair?

Women, who made this procedure for once, know that the quality of material has a value not less than a qualification of your hair-dresser. So, we offer hair for different types of hair extensions with tapes (Express hair) and it always has only high quality.

Every lock of hair assuredly has these characteristics:

  • Soft, elastic, smooth
  • Only natural
  • Safe fixation for the hair
  • Thin but strong
  • Convenient for using
  • Every tape can be used several times
  • Wide range of shades
  • Express hair is the quickest type of hair extensions

You can choose the type according your financial possibility. In our assortment there are different lines of hair such as:

  • Budgeting (European type)
  • Luxury (Slavic and Southern–Russian type)

How to buy

Did you look for a place where you could buy natural hair of high quality for Express hair with tapes? You have found the proper online shop!
We are protective of our reputation, so we take customer service seriously. We are always ready to help with your choice and answer all your questions. Besides tape locks, we offer some associated goods, which are made by our company, such as:

  • Shampoos
  • Balms
  • Masks
  • Hair conditioners
  • Tonics
  • Hair brushes
  • Correction tapes
  • Others

Our regulars always have benefits and discounts. Keep an eye on our news, take part in actions and buy our products at an affordable price.

In order to buy any item, add it in the basket on the site of our online shop, write a massage on the e-mail or make a telephone call the number from the home page. Our storage is in Moscow but there is a possibility of delivery throughout Russia and CIS. More detailed information about payment methods you can read in the spesial section. If you have got any questions during the purchase, contact the manager for advice.

Tape in Hair extension № 1B


Types of hair Select types
hair length Select length
Pack packing price
Old price: 85 €
44 €


Angelohair Tapes

  • The most strong, thin and flexible
  • Natural appearance
  • Convenience and comfort in use
  • Frequentative using of tapes
  • Exceptional quality of tapes


Video instructions

Variety types of hair and color palette allow to satisfy any customer.

Types of hair Angelohair

upak lenti
In consideration of peculiarity hair structure we divided them on types: economical (European and premium) and luxury (Slavic, south-Russian) . For your convenience we added all lines in comparative table →

Hair is sold in sets, one set includes 20 tapes.

Firm’s packing Angelohair helps to protect our hair from counterfeit because of the frequency with which cheap and low-quality hair are passed as hair of well-known trademarks. Request firm’s packing from experts.


Technology of express hair*

  1. After showing and drying the head, expert defines an accurate parting line, divides hair growth zone and begins the extending process using Express hair technique.
  2. Choosing an 1.2 inch width strand but thin and solid enough for natural load to be minimal. Raising hair on 0.2 inch length from foundation.
  3. Attaching to chosen zone Angelohair tape after removing protective film.
  4. Additional to this zone attaching another one Angelohair tape with self-attaching system. Thus own strand will be between them.
  5. Indent some space (around 0.4-0.5 inches) do the same procedures up-down line to line.
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*Only for professional usage. Extending can be done by an expert who was taught in “Angelohair” studio. This masterclass is a short illustration of extending process without any features.


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