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After each procedure, the hair-dresser is obliged to tell you about the proper care ofextension hair. To do this, there are many tools that help to keep the result as long as possible. But it is worth remembering that poor-quality care products can seriously spoil the whole hair so that you have to apply for correction much earlier than predetermined technology. Also, you need to pay attention to the professionalism of the hair- dresser (the presence of a certificate of training). In order not to worry about the result and quality of the work, we recommend to contact our salon. Here you will receive some professional advice and qualified assistance in the selection of care products, your technologists and hair-dressers will be able to have an opportunity to choose professional equipment and quality materials for any extensions.


In the "Accessories" section there is a selection of care kits for hair extensions produced by AngeloHair. Since we are engaged in the provision of services to increase, we understand the importance of suitable care products. We have developed a special series of cosmetic products for hair called «Extension Care», which consists of such products as: a preparatoryshampoo "HP Shampoo", a shampoo for extensionhair "Base shampoo", a mask care "Hair Repair", which carefully affect the structure of capsules or tapes without destroying them, and also perfectly nourish and moisturize the extension hair. The range includes a special soft comb that gently combs each strand without clinging and destroying the connection between the extension and your own hair. Extended hair care requires some certain knowledge and special products. Our managers and consultants will help you to choose the right ones and tools for the care of extensionhair on capsules or on tapes. Visiting our online store, you can also buy:

  • Cosmetics for extended strands;
  • Care products: shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks, lotions, etc.;
  • Special devices for hot hair extension: pliers for forming flat capsules, pliers for their removal, ultrasonic hot razor and others;
  • Keratin capsules for repairing the strands in the correction;
  • Professional equipment;
  • Hair for capsule andtape extensions, hair clips, and others;
  • Wig-making products: hair clips, accessories, false hair, hair pieces, wigs and other products from natural materials;
  • Soft brushes for gentle separation of strands;
  • Professional palette;

Why AngeloHair

All cosmetics undergo dermatological control, so we guarantee their safety even for people with sensitive skin, weak damaged hair or prone to allergies. There is a special series of products developed by our specialists to care for weak and extended hair called EXTENSION CARE, which helps to maintain a healthy appearance of your and extended locks, and nourishes the weakened strands from the inside.

How to order

To order some materials for hair extensions, cosmetics for hair, wig- making products and other items, please visit our online store. Efficiency and qualified consultation of our specialists will help you to make the right choice, as well as their answers your questions. The price and quality of services will pleasantly surprise you. For regular customers there are always discounts and bonuses. Follow our news, take part in any promotions and buy products at good prices!

We also invite you to visit our salon, which is located in the center of Moscow, where you will get any kind of hair extensionquickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Our hair-dressers are professionals in their field and are happy to embody any idea of the client, no matter how creative it was. Also, in our salon you can see the quality and presentable appearance of any productby yourself.

Professional palette

made of natural hair

Price Цена:
80 €

Professional palette
made of natural hair

upak lentiDescription: professional Angelohair palette made of natural hair for correct hair color decision.

Price for a palette


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