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100% Human Hair

AngeloHair company is one of the largest and most famous companies in Russia, which is a leader in the beauty industrytoday. The history of the company began in 2008. We are engaged in production and sale of products from natural hair and we offer some services of extension. For many years, our technologists and hair-dressers have been helping people to make their dreams of luxurious hair come true.

Nowadays the hair extension is one of the most popular ways to change the image, to give the volume and the necessary length of your own hair and make you more attractive and happier. For many customers it is a salvation, because it can be done on the bob haircut and on the wavy hair and even curly. In the salon Angelohair work only professionals who love their job, readily accepted for the work of any complexity and pay attention to each client. The key to the success of the company is the use of materials of the highest quality of own production, which we are happy to share with everyone.

Online shop

The catalog of the online store AngeloHair presents a variety of premium quality products. We collect raw materials from all Russia, CIS countries and Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan). Our special attention is paid to Remy-hair, it is the hair with preserved cuticles. The range of store is very large. Here you will find the strands that are ideal for your type, color and structure. Also, you will find the following products:

  • Hair of different types, colors and structure: from very lighthair to charcoal black, from perfectly straight to curly;
  • Strands for tape, capsule, Hollywood extension methods;
  • Keratin, concealers, hair clips and other related products;
  • High-quality modern equipment;
  • Care products: shampoos, balms, tonics, masks, special combs and others;
  • Wig-making products: hairpieces, hair decorations, wigs, tress hair, false locks in a natural and unusual colors, natural and artificial overhead curls for volume, etc.;

Among the strands we have got series of budget and luxury segment. The budget one includes the European type and the luxury one is Slavic and South-Russian hair. To find out the exact price of the goods, go to the appropriate section with the price list or call the number listed on the home page of the site.


All women know that you don’t have to save money on yourself. Those who have ever applied for services, know how important the experience and professionalism of the hair-dresser, and how expensive you can pay if this person does not care about his work. In order not to get into such unpleasant situations, we recommend you immediately contact the proven professionals of our beauty-salon to make the extension by AngeloHair (Moscow).

In our salon you will have the following services:

The tape extension (Express hair). It is ideal for all hair types, it can be made for short hair. The safest and fastest technology of extension. Strands with integrated hair are attached to the root zone to your own.

  • Hollywood hair extensions (Tress hair). Ideal for medium hair. Also, it is called extension with braids, which is beneficial in that it is much faster than the capsule extension and it is considered more secure as an alternative to the hot method;
  • Partial extension. Using this way, it is possible to correct a bad haircut or make zonal elongation for volume, for example, to give the density to the bangs;
  • Italian extension. It is a hot method when a keratin capsule is melted using special devices and the strand is attached to the client's one. This type of extension has a longer period of wearing, the correction is recommended every three months. This method also allows make the extension more invisible, for example, it is possible to make microcapsules. As a rule, microcapsules are used for thin sparse hair.
  • Adhesive extension. It is a cold method, when the hair-dresser creates a capsule in the root zone from the glue and glues the donor strand to the native one. It looks like keratin capsule. According to the time and term of wear, this procedure is similar to the hot method.
  • Overhead strands on the pins. It is a method, the essence of which is the joining of the donor strand in the hairpin on the lock of the client. The advantage of it is that it does not take much time and such strands can be worn singly and used at home;
  • Curls extensions;
  • Correction;
  • Color extension. The presence of colored strands in the hair is a fashion trend of the last season and it adds brightnessto your image;
  • Short hair extensions;
  • And other…

The Studio is located at

Russia, Moscow, St. Filippovskiy lane. h. 8/1 (right side of the house), underground station Arbatskaya, Kropotkinskaya.

To feel yourself attractive, you don't have to spend a huge amount of money, because AngeloHair salon is always open for new and regular customers. Here you can make an inexpensive chic hairstyle, which has always dreamed of.

The official website of the company gives you more information about the products and services we offer.

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